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Whether you want to increase your company's credibility, inform your audience about a product or service, attract more traffic to your website, or simply tell your story. Ebooks are a new way to go. Engage your audience with creative ideas, expert linguistics, and a variety of writing styles that speak your mind and touch their hearts.

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Have an incredible tale to tell the world but cannot find the words? With our expertise, we can get your story heard and help you mould it into a fantastic novel.

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We know how crucial it is to tenderly nourish your vision and idea of your subject matter. You can rest assured that our qualified professionals will grasp every bit of your creative imagination and shape it into a brilliant non-fiction book

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An autobiography is more than simply a book; it's a way for you to tell the epic tale of your life in a distinctive and original way. Our experts are adept at moulding their innovative writing styles to bring your epicness to the world.

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Captivate your readers' attention with beautifully crafted prose and memoir writing services that can truly melt your hearts. We cater to a wide range of memoirs, sketches and story writing services.

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Thrill is the new Chill. Audiences want fast-paced action scenes to be complicated and mind-bending mysteries and guess what, our professional book writers are ready to deliver just that- and then some.

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Who doesn't love a good adventure story? But not many can pull off a good adventure book. We surely can and have in the past. Let us help you deliver a masterpiece while you remain in complete control of the narrative.

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Every writer at LLC Book Writers solely dedicates themselves to making your book a best-selling revolutionaire, capable of tackling multiple writing styles and evolving client requirements.


Project Discussion

We sit down with you before setting the foundation of your book. The topic or theme of your book is developed into a fully evolved book plan


Writing Process

Every snippet and bits and piece of your ideas and preferences are put together, dedicating long hours and blending it into an expressive and engaging masterpiece



The initial drafts are sent your way, awaiting feedback. All your considerations and preferences are reviewed and aligned again according to your feedback.


Final Delivery

Impeccable and unerring work is delivered to you along with complete ownership rights and any associated collaterals.

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Who Are We? And Why Should you Care?

The Ghostwriters of the Drafting Opera

LLC Book Writers started not a long ago with an inherent passion for helping booming writers and failing writers, new writers, old writers, this writer and that writer make their mark in the industry, more so in the writing domain. We slowly diversified into book writing only as we believe there is no better way to tell a story, revive a forgotten legend, make and preserve history, inform an audience, and so much more.

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Our staff of expert writers is familiar with a variety of literary tones to provide the most compelling and original novels in any chosen genre in the allotted time. Do you have a sweet tale waiting to come out to see the light of the day or a parable to unleash on the world? Or perhaps a fable is brewing deep in your mind. You can rest assured your conceptualization is manifested in the form of a striking novel. Right from the discussion phase to the final delivery, your thoughts, suggestions and propositions are always taken into consideration and incorporated into the final product.

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A perfect combo of professional book writers and Modern Writing Technology

While all our writers are qualified and capable of creating highly engaging and alluring content, they are also exceptionally well versed with the ever-evolving writing standards and utilizing cutting-edge programming software in their ghostwriting services. Every bit of your work drafted is dissected to the bare bones to ensure quality and consistency are maintained before it is delivered to you. Our ebook writing services aim to provide flawless ebooks by devoting precious minutes and effort that is bound to boost any underlying objective your business may have.

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We are often asked what writing service will suit our needs; our answer is always: it all boils down to your specific requirements, likes and dislikes, and vision. Our seasoned writers have perfected every facet of writing and have acclimated themselves to blending distinct writing styles, tones and genres to create entirely new categories.
Charm your readers today with our exemplary ghostwriting services. Hire our professional book writers today. We have worked on the following categories

  • Autobiography Writing
  • Fiction Writing
  • Non-Fiction Writing
  • Business Book Writing
  • Editing Services
  • Proofreading Services
  • Book Cover Designing
  • Book Layout Designing
  • Book Publishing
  • Marketing
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book writing services near me

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Our Ghostwriters don’t just sit on their laurels. Every published book paves the way and encourages us to create yet another astounding masterpiece for our clients. LLC Book Writers aims to create magical content that builds your credibility, skyrockets your online business and springs your fame. The Sky is truly the limit for our professional ghostwriters.