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A good fiction book can hook a reader to the last word. Writing fiction is challenging as it demands constant use of your wild imagination. The wider the imagination, the better the story. Not only does it require imagination, but also the art of crafting it into words. Good fiction has a strong plot which makes the reader live the story while reading it. It must have fascinating situations and a significant conflict. Fiction readers do not expect a happy ending, rather a bitter-sweet one. Our ghostwriters are well versed in the art of polishing stories. Their command of gripping writing skills and fictionalization lead them to write almost any genre in fiction, be it a mystery, historical, humour, tragedy, fantasy, romance or action.

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Creating engaging and imaginative content is just one of the many skills our ghostwriters possess. To create an impact in this era, it is mandatory to use advanced tools which help improve the writing process. Our writers masterfully use various software to produce the finest content for you. Our team reviews every word of the book to make it immaculate. We believe in teamwork and divide the work to be thoroughly checked both manually and on software. Our writers work with dedication to create perfection.

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Our first rule of work is to understand the customer. We hold meetings with the authors to understand the story in their minds and figure out what they want from us. We create drafts based on the perspective and information provided by the author. We put in maximum efforts to set an engaging plot, create a convincing narrative style, make and sustain a conflict throughout the novel and provide a bitter-sweet resolution toward the end. Our writers have expertise in creating thrill in the story to enhance the plot, just the way you want it. We deliver what we promise within the given timeframe.

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Our team is skilled in creating a captivating storyline that grips the readers' senses. Our commitment to your novel will assist you in climbing up the leading author ladder, and the hard work put in by our team will show itself when you will get the recognition you deserved all along. Our impeccable work speaks volumes and will ensure your success.

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Our Ghostwriters don’t just sit on their laurels. Every published book paves the way and encourages us to create yet another astounding masterpiece for our clients. LLC Book Writers aims to create magical content that builds your credibility, skyrockets your online business and springs your fame. The Sky is truly the limit for our professional ghostwriters.