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Our advertising team offers the clients valuable information and guidance to save your cash and valuable time. Our primary factors of marketing services are as follows;

  • Video trailers for books
  • Public Statement
  • Advertising via social media platforms
  • Consultations for marketing

Cinematic Book Trailers

Books video trailers assist you with enthralling readers and garnering their attention. Other writers and masses are also affected by systematically designed tailers. Video trailers add a beguiling impact to your book, which assists you with acquiring a larger audience that eventually spans out to more readership. The content of the trailers is, for the most part, centred around the focal points of the books.

Public statement

We declare the availability of your book in a generally compelling and convincing manner. We get our gifted writer to create a captivating, consistent, and outstanding public statement for your book.

Advertising on Social Media Platforms

Social media is the best technique to acquire a virtual presence and spread hype about your book. More than 90% of the web traffic is a direct result of social media mediums, so promoting your book dramatically increases the chances of getting expanded deals and readers.

Consultations For Marketing

Our specialists hold a detailed and thorough meeting with our customers and walk them through all the plans and tactics that the client can use to develop their marketing image. We assist them with setting up their name and visibility at a broader scale. We will help you advertise your book in the best manner possible without any hassle. We will pluck out any issues and do our best to extinguish them at the earliest opportunity.

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At LLC Book Writerss, our vision is to plan the route to your success. With the skills and knowledge to keep the readers engrossed, we build the plot and add a twist that elevates their interest and makes them want more. Additionally, we create content that promises to double the online recognition of our customers. We are always up for a challenge that pushes us to deliver the very best.

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Our Ghostwriters don’t just sit on their laurels. Every published book paves the way and encourages us to create yet another astounding masterpiece for our clients. LLC Book Writers aims to create magical content that builds your credibility, skyrockets your online business and springs your fame. The Sky is truly the limit for our professional ghostwriters.